About us

What do you get when you combine smarts and dedication with broad experience and add a heavy dose of data?

A killer team with the secret sauce.

We are Norra Marketing and we love what we do. 15 years ago we started working in digital marketing for the real estate industry. Take it from us, it was the wild wild west back then. But those early years honed our grit and gave us a foundational understanding for the highly complex, always changing world of the internet today. Many real estate marketing agencies will take your money and throw it at the wall to see what sticks, but few can get you qualified leads en masse. In other words: finding the buyer that’s actually able and wants to buy. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, if you aren’t results-oriented, you aren’t going to deliver.

So how does it work?

Based on your needs, we can advise you on the best approach to get your properties sold, leased or rented. Want your website to show up higher in search engines? We got you covered. Need to get qualified buyers through the door? Let’s talk online advertising. But even when we set everything up and hit “go,” we don’t stop there. We rigorously monitor your ad campaigns, website analytics or whatever it may be to make sure that we’ve engineered it for the best possible results. So watch out! Here come the qualified leads you need. And quality leads means more sales. Faster.